Destination Folder of Oracle’s alert.log

Oracle’s alert.log chronologically records messages and errors arising from the daily database operation. Also, there are pointers to trace files and dump files.These messages include :

  • startups and shutdowns of the instance
  • Messages to the operator console
  • Errors causing trace files.
  • Create, alter and drop SQL statements on databases, tablespaces and rollback segments.
  • Errors when a materialized view is refreshed.
  • ORA-00600 (internal) errors.
  • ORA-01578 errors (block corruption)
  • ORA-00060 errors (deadlocks)

alert.log is a text file that can be opened with any text editor. The directory where it is found can be determined by the background_dump_dest initialization parameter:

select value from v$parameter where name = ‘background_dump_dest’;

If the background_dump_dest parameter is not specified, Oracle will write the alert.log into the $ORACLE_HOME/RDBMS/trace directory.


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