Quick Installation Point Oracle Database 11g – AIX 5L / AIX 6 64Bit

This is a step point for you to installation database 11g. You can set or change this step as you needed for you system.

cek ram, swap, tmp (400MB), freespace

# /usr/sbin/lsattr -E -l sys0 -a realmem

# /usr/sbin/lsps -a

# df -k /tmp

# df -k

# /usr/bin/getconf HARDWARE_BITMODE

cek fileset

# lslpp -l bos.adt.base bos.adt.lib bos.adt.libm bos.perf.perfstat \

bos.perf.libperfstat bos.perf.proctools bos.adt.prof

untuk AIX 6.1

# lslpp -l xlC.aix61.rte: xlC.rte:

# lslpp -l xlC.aix61.rte:  xlC.rte: later

install fileset (masukan cd source AIX)

# smitty installp (trus masukan device cdrom utk sourcenya)

cek hostname

# hostname

buat oracle inventory group (oinstall)

# more /etc/oraInst.loc (cek if exists)

# smit security -> buat oinstall

F10 to exit

buat osdba group (dba)

# smit security -> buat dba

F10 to exit

buat oracle software owner user (oracle)

# id oracle (cek)

# smit security

Choose the appropriate menu items to create the oracle user, specifying the following information:

>> In Primary GROUP field, specify the Oracle Inventory group = oinstall.

>> In Group SET field, specify the OSDBA group = dba

Press F10 to exit.

Set the password of the oracle user:

# passwd oracle

cek/create user nobody (optional)

# id nobody (cek)

# smit security -> buat nobody

F10 to exit

configure shell limit

# smit chuser

di USER NAME field, masukkan nama oracle software owner (oracle)

cek, dan modify :

Soft FILE size                      -1 (Unlimited)

Soft CPU time                    -1 (Unlimited)

Soft DATA segment        -1 (Unlimited)

Soft STACK size                 -1 (Unlimited)

configure system configuration parameters

# smit chgsys

cek/edit : Maximum number of PROCESSES allowed per user

is greater than or equal to 2048

create oracle base directory

# mkdir -p /oraclebase

# chown -R oracle:oinstall /oraclebase

# chmod -R 775 /oraclebase

configuring oracle user’s environment (VNC/XMING)

# xhost +

# su – oracle

$ export DISPLAY=<nodename>:<port>

$ xhost +

$ xclock

cek default shell

$ echo $SHELL

Open the Oracle user’s shell startup file in any text editor

# su – oracle

>> Bash shell:

$ vi .bash_profile

aix biasanya kornshell

>> Bourne or Korn shell:

$ vi .profile

>> C shell (csh or tcsh):

% vi .login

Enter or edit the following line

umask 022

export ORACLE_BASE=/oraclebase


export ORACLE_SID=orcl



#export ORACLE_TERM=vt100

Add one of the following lines to the file to set the AIXTHREAD_SCOPE

environment variable to S (system-wide thread scope):

>> Bourne shell (sh), Bash shell (bash), or Korn shell (ksh):


>> C shell (csh or tcsh):


run shell startup script

>> Bash shell:

$ . ./.bash_profile

>> Bourne or Korn shell:

$ . ./.profile

>> C shell:

% source ./.login

untuk verify klo environment dah di set properly

$ umask

$ env | more

Siapkan source

switch to root

mount DVD


buat /source (harus user oracle dan chmod 775) lalu copykan isi CD installasi ke /source

as oracle, runInstaller -> install software only

kalau AIX 6.1 pake ignoreSysPrereqs :

$ ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs

netca (create listener)

dbca (create database)


run rootpre.sh (gunakan rootpre.sh baru utk AIX 6.1)

exit root account

copy ftp patch yg size 2gb selalu mentok di 1gb:

set ulimit jadi -1 di /etc/security/limits

smitty user = buat bikin user

smitty group = buat bikin group

smitty jfs2 = buat file system

buat filesystem

# smitty jfs2

siapin /source

copy source

# smitty cdrfs -> add -> device name (esc-4) -> mount point (/cdrom)

# mount /cdrom

# mount /dev/cd0

# cd /cdrom

# ls

client        companion     doc           index         welcome.html

clusterware   database      gateways      index.pdx

# cd /source

# mkdir database

# cp -rpf /cdrom/database/* /source/database/

# chown -R oracle:oinstall /home/oracle/.ssh/

# chmod -R 775 oracle /home/oracle/.ssh/

rubah/nambah swap

# lsvg –> cek vg yg akan dipake utk swap

# lsvg rootvg –> liat PP Size

# smitty pgsp

number of logical partition = n

*) n = [swap size] : pp size


fsize = -1

core = 2097151

cpu = -1

data = 262144

rss = 65536

stack = 65536

nofiles = 2000


3 thoughts on “Quick Installation Point Oracle Database 11g – AIX 5L / AIX 6 64Bit

  1. mau tannya donk, kl mau create databasenya bagaimana..?

  2. cara tes oracle client konek ke oracle server gimana ya???

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